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Nuvvula Patti

Nuvvula Patti

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Nuvvula Patti, a cherished South Indian confection, is a delightful fusion of taste and health. These small, sesame seed-studded squares offer not only a delectable experience but also several nutritional benefits. Let's take a closer look at Nuvvula Patti and discover its secrets.

How our Nuvvula Pattu is Made

  1. Roasting Sesame Seeds: Sesame seeds are dry-roasted to perfection, enhancing their natural nuttiness and aroma.
  2. Creating Jaggery Syrup: Jaggery is melted to create a syrup, which is then mixed with the roasted sesame seeds.
  3. Adding Cardamom and Ghee: Ground cardamom is incorporated for its aromatic notes, while ghee is used to bind the ingredients.
  4. Shaping into Squares: The warm mixture is shaped into small, square patties, setting the characteristic form of Nuvvula Patti.

Ingredients Used in our Nuvvula Patti

  • Sesame Seeds | Nuvvulu
  • Jaggery | Bellam
  • Cardamom
  • Ghee

Health Benefits of Nuvvula Patti

  • Rich in Nutrients: Sesame seeds are a source of essential minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium.
  • Protein and Healthy Fats: Sesame seeds contribute plant-based protein and healthy fats.
  • Dietary Fiber: The combination of jaggery and sesame seeds provides dietary fiber, promoting digestion.
  • Antioxidants: Sesame seeds contain antioxidants that support overall well-being.
  • Low Glycemic Index: Jaggery provides sweetness with a lower impact on blood sugar compared to refined sugar.

Nutritional Facts of Nuvvula Patti

Per Square, approximate:

Component  Amount Per Serving
Calories 45 KCal
Total Fat
2 g
Carbohydrates 8 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g
Protein 2 g


Shelf Life of Nuvvula Patti

When stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, Nuvvula Patti can remain fresh and delicious for up to one month, making it a convenient, ready-to-eat snack and a delightful addition to your tea time.

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